04 December, 2015

Gujarat:: How to Pay Gas Bill Online Through gspcgas.co.in

Gujarat:: How to Pay Gas Bill Online Through gspcgas.co.in
Today i am sharing information about how to pay gas bill online in Gujarat, i hope this contain very helpful to Gujarat peoples. Gujarat people Just logon to https://www.gspcgas.co.in/ pay their Gas bill through online.


Procedure for pay gas bill through online

1.First logon to https://www.gspcgas.co.in
2.Than Click on pay bill
3.Enter your Customer Id
4.User and bill details will be displayed along with bill amount
5.When you agree to pay, you will be redirected to the payment gateway where bill amount will be displayed again
6.Choose the bank from which you wish to make the payment
7.On confirmation you will be redirected to the bank site where you will have the authorize the payment
8.Payment receipt for online transaction will be available on payment website and printout can be taken Confirmation of payment is given from the bank site and a transaction ID is given for the future reference
9.The amount will be debited from your account

Gujarat Gas Bill Payments through Bill Desk

Bill Desk official link : https://www.billdesk.com/pgidsk/pgmerc/ggcl/GGCLDetails.jsp

What is the Gujarat Gas online bill payment service? 
Gujarat Gas Bill Pay is a simple and convenient bill payment service provided by Gujarat Gas for its domestic / Commercial / Non-Commercial / YHS segment Piped Natural Gas (PNG) customers. Using the service, the customers would have convenience to pay their due raised by Gujarat Gas through invoices directly from their credit card/ debit card/ net banking, subject to the terms and conditions as accepted by the user for each transaction carried out for the payment made .

What is Gujarat Gas customer number? 
The customer number appears in the top corner of the bill. The customer number is of 9 Numeric digits.

Is an e-mail id and Mobile number essential? 
No. However, it is recommended to provide a valid email id and mobile number in order to receive email and SMS notifications for the payment made.

If I have typed a wrong customer number while Paying Bill. What should I do? 
GGL will not be liable for payment made in wrong customer number. After entering customer number; corresponding bill number and outstanding amount will be displayed, this will help in confirming details. Please be careful before making payments.

How does this service work? 
After you have chosen to pay through online payment, you need to follow the steps below: Enter the Gujarat Gas customer number and details like bill number, outstanding amount will be displayed automatically. Specify the amount that you wish to pay. Select the Payment option i.e. Credit Card or or Debit Card or Net Banking. Click on 'Pay Now" button to initiate payment You will be directed to a payment gateway where you will be required to enter your required details. Upon successful transaction, your credit card or your bank account will be debited o You will receive a Transaction Reference Number. Your payment will be credited into your Gujarat Gas account within 2 working day of the successful transaction

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