05 December, 2015

Jharkhand E- Samadhan :: Online Registration of public grievances Readdress Mechanism

Jharkhand E- Samadhan :: Online Registration of public grievances Readdress Mechanism
A centralized computerization system is felt necessary for effective grievance management, redressal and monitoring. In this connection, the state version of CPGRAMS(“Jharkhand Samvad evam Samadhan”) is implemented and functioning in the state .It is carried out with the customized version of the state of Jharkhand.


This web application is having the following facilities and features:

  • Provide a common interface between the Citizens and the Government. 
  • Online Registration of public grievances by citizens 
  • Online forwarding by the nodal officers - Efficient & Speedy redress of public grievances 
  • Better management of redress process through the integrated Database 
  • Track the action taken on the application by the applicant and the Government authorities from any where 
  • Enable the Senior authorities to monitor non
  • Compliance by the concerned officials beyond the specified time frame, automatically generate necessary reminders etc.

What is Grievance Readdress Mechanism ?

CPGRAMS is an integrated application system based on web technology which primarily aims at submission of grievances by the aggrieved citizens from anywhere and anytime (24 x 7) basis for instant and easy communication between the nodal officers of the state of Jharkhand and citizens resulting in the speedy redressal of their grievances.

It has been designed and developed within a view to achieve the uniform and systematic approach towards monitoring of procedures by adopting a comprehensive classification and standardization of grievances and readdress actions across the government bodies.

For the state of Jharkhand, a grievance cell established in Governor Secretariat for reddressal of the grievances. All the lodged grievances by the citizen, handled by that grievance cell. There is one authorized nodal officer for the Grievance cell, who is responsible for forward the lodged grievance to the concerned departments/Districts.

The concerned Departments and Districts have a Nodal officer for the same, who is responsible to receive the grievances and get the solution and reddressal from the appropriate level in the departments/districts and revert it back to the grievance cell. Now citizen can view their status of their grievance with the help of acknowledgement number.

How to Register in E- Samadhan Portal  ?

Jharkhand Government has officially Provided user manual for How to register and Citizens how to submit their grievances through online, follow below link for User manual 

How much our grievance is important to the department? 
The departments have their strict obligations towards grievances addressed to them, so our grievance is very important to them. The action against a grievance is traceable directly even from the Governor Office or the CMO.

Is there protection against our grievances? 
Yes, the grievances are visible only to the concerned Government authority . It can be password protected by the citizen.

How much time the system will take to redress the grievance? 
Generally a complete grievance Readdress cycle is of 30 to 60 days depending upon the nature of the complaint.

What is the level of Communication with the department’s Nodal Officer? 
A citizen is free to communicate directly with the Nodal Officer of the department who is presently dealing with the grievance , through phone or email.
Jharkhand E- Samadhan Wesite link : http://www.jharkhandsamadhan.nic.in/


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