22 November, 2018

bhuseva.ap.gov.in - Obtain Bhudhaar in Andhra Pradesh

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has launched "Bhuseva Portal" an initiative under which all the land parcels in the state will be given a unique number called "Bhudhaar"
Bhuseva  is one of the most prestigious IT projects of the Andhra Pradesh state government. "Land Service" is one of the major projects in the e-progress program of Andhra Pradesh .The main objectives of this project are to identify areas and link them with Geo-Coordinates, allocating a unique unique identification number for each land, and establishing the entire geographical map of Andhra Pradesh in digitized form.Land Audit provides such benefits for land recognition as Aadhaar makes the person's identity easier. Each land division is given the unique number of " Bhudhaar " from owner details, land details and location.Land related services can be obtained easily by mutation, registration and other property related transactions Furthermore, a unified platform known as "Land Service" will be able to provide integrated services to all government departments related to land. Thereby many benefits will be given to the people.

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bhuseva.ap.gov.in _Obtain_Bhudhaar_in_Andhra Pradesh

Bhudhaar Benefits

  • Bhudhaar is validated when the earth's owner accepts the landlord and its related information of his land.There are many advantages to such a Bhudhaar.
  • Determining the status of the Earth
  • Since the information is pre-examined and verified, landlords are not required to submit many sources and polar documents
  • You can track the applicants status at any time
  • The result of the services from the Geospace Portal can be downloaded by download.
  • Provide information that is true to the people about land parcels information.
  • Advance applicants receive advance information regarding services
  • The previous history of the relevant land parcel can be easily understood.

Bhuseva Services 

  • Mee Bhudhaar
  • Bhu- Samacharam
  • Market Value
  • Allowed Layout Details
  • Property History
  • Rights of forest
Bhudhaar Official website : https://bhuseva.ap.gov.in/ 


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